Jan 26, 2024

Soy Production in Rio Verde, Goias Expected to be Down 15-20%

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

In the municipality of Rio Verde in southwest Goias, 15% to 20% of the soybeans have been harvested and yields are very poor, below 30 sacks per hectare (26.8 bu/ac). The soybeans currently being harvested are early maturing varieties that were impacted the most by adverse weather. The situation in Goias is similar to other states in central Brazil.

The soybeans planted in September were impacted by hot and dry conditions during October and November when the crop was setting pods and filling pods. Dry weather resulted in many soybeans being planted 30 days later than normal and some of the soybeans had to be replanted, making the crop even later.

At the start of the growing season, farmers in the region expected soybean yields in the range of 65 to 70 sacks per hectare (58 to 62.5 bu/ac) according to the president of the Rural Union of Rio Verde/GO. The final yield is expected to be less than 50 sacks per hectare (44.7 bu/ac), which would be down 15% to 20% from initial expectations.

The late planting of the soybeans is also going to delay the planting of the safrinha corn past the ideal planting window. Farmers in the region are expected to reduce their safrinha corn acreage by 15% to 20%. In place of safrinha corn, some farmers may plant grain sorghum, sunflowers, cotton, sesame, or a cover crop.